Withings Body Scale

The Withings WiFi Body Scale innovated by connecting the traditional weight scale to the Internet. It syncs your weight wirelessly so you can check your historical progress on the web and mobile. 

Withings WiFi Body Scale

Withings WiFi Body Scale: tracks weight scale, BMI and body fat

The Withings WiFi Body Scale measures weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and body fat.

It originally came with the Withings WiScale app, which simply showed graphs for your weight, BMI and body fat history (as captured automatically by the scale).

Since the Withings WiScale app was limited to displaying information captured by the scale, and not other metrics such as calories burned or sleep hours as captured by other devices, you had to resort to using third-party apps, like MyFitnessPal, to see a unified dashboard of all your health data. Withings soon remedied this by introducing the Withings Health Mate app for iOS and Android.

The Withings Health Mate is a hub of your connected body tracking devices, including Withings’ own Smart Activity Tracker, Scales and Blood Pressure Monitor, as well as others like BodyMedia activity tracker and Zeo sleep tracker. Notably, Fitbit is missing from the list of available devices you can connect to the Withings Health Mate app. Following Withings announcement of the Smart Activity Tracker at CES in January 2013, it’s probably because Withings wants you to buy their activity tracker and not Fitbit’s*.

* Similarly, once Fitbit introduced their own WiFi scale, the Fitbit Aria, the Withings scale started to disappear from Fitbit’s app


Device Facts

Tracks: Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat

Company: Withings (Twitter and Facebook)

Release: June 2009

Website: Withing WiFi Body Scale

Launch Price: $159 USD

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Floor scale

Display: OLED

Sync: WiFi

Color Variations: Black, White

API: Withings API and Withings Android API

Third-party Connectivity: Withings compatible apps

Buy It: Amazon

Key Features

  1. WiFi Sync - connect to your home WiFi network, step on the scale, automatically log your weight to web and mobile
  2. Multi-user Support - automatically recognizes up to 8 different people
  3. Social - can automatically Tweet your weight, as well as share weight amongst authorized users (e.g. family members)

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