Fitbit Aria

The Fitbit Aria is Fitbit’s entry into the WiFi weight scale market established by first-mover, Withings Body Scale.

Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria: Wireless / WiFi weight scale with companion iPhone app

With a short but impactful history of innovations in the personal activity tracking device space, perhaps it was inevitable that Fitbit would join Withings in the connected weight scale market.

Wireless, sleek and very connected (to Fitbit’s website, mobile app and third-party apps/services), the Fitbit Aria wireless weight scale offers a viable alternative against the Withings Body scale that is plugged into the Fitbit ecosystem.

The Fitbit Aria scale differentiates by fitting (no pun intended) right into the growing Fitbit ecosystem of devices and services designed to unify your activity, sleep, weight and nutrition metrics. Combined with a Fitbit activity tracking device, the Fitbit Aria scale syncs data to the same health portal and mobile app, along with a food journal, to give you tightly integrated visibility into your body’s progress.

Device Facts

Tracks: Weight, BMI, Body Fat %

Company: Fitbit (Twitter and Facebook)

Release: May 2012

Website: Fitbit Aria

Launch Price: $129  USD

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Floor Scale

Display: LED

Sync: WiFi

Color Variations: Black, White

API: Fitbit API

Third-party Connectivity: Fitbit Aria compatible apps

Buy It: Amazon

Key Features

  1. WiFi Sync - once you connect the scale to your home WiFi network, it automatically uploads your weight to the Fitbit website (and mobile app)
  2. Integration with Fitbit Products – if you have a Fitbit activity tracker, you can view your weight alongside your activity and calorie consumption metrics from the same website and mobile app
  3. Multi-user Support - automatically recognizes up to 8 different people

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