Lark Pro

The Lark Pro - an official product of the National Sleep Foundation – is a dedicated sleep tracker in a wristband form factor.   

Lark Pro

Lark Pro: sleep monitor coach, in wristband form factor plus iPhone and iPad apps

The main difference between the Lark Pro and the original Lark  is that the Pro comes with a 1 Year, 7-day assessment expert Sleep Coaching. The Lark is therefore cheaper.

The Lark Pro provides key insights into your sleep patterns and analyzes the data to give you pathway to consistent, quality sleep. It’ll help you understand your sleep types and provides a sleep snapshot over a week or month.

After each weekly assessment you get a sleep plan which includes easy-to-follow sleep recommendations from top sleep scientists.

The Lark Pro also sets reminders on your phone so you know when to hit the sack.


Lark: same as the Lark Pro but without the 1 Year Sleep Coaching membership

It also wakes you up in the morning using a silent vibration alarm: you set the window you want to wake up by and it’ll gently wake you up when you experience light sleep during that window; meaning you are less groggy and more energetic during the morning.

The actigraphy feature tracks millions of micro-movements every minute, and then calculates exactly how long and how well you’ve slept. Developed with Stanford sleep specialist, Cheri Mah (Twitter), the Lark Pro shows you the changes you can make to sleep better.
Your data is available via Lark UP iPhone and iPad app, which you sync to via Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Lark vs Lark Pro

The Lark is the same as the Lark Pro but comes without the 1 Year Sleep Coaching and is otherwise $60 USD cheaper (as of January 2013).

Device Facts

Tracks: Sleep Hours, Sleep Quality

Company: Lark  (Twitter and Facebook)

Release: May 2011

Website: Lark Pro and Lark

Launch Price: $159 USD (Lark Pro) and $99 USD (Lark)

App: iOS

Form Factor: Wristband

Waterproof: No

Alarm: Silent Vibration

Display: No (LED lights)

Sync: Bluetooth

Color Variations: Black


Third-party Connectivity: N/A

Buy It: Lark Store (Lark Pro) and Lark Store (Lark)

Key Features

  1. Silent Vibrating Alarm - wakes you up gently (and not anyone lying next to you) in the morning
  2. Sleep Coaching - analyzes data using actigraphy and provides guidane on how to improve sleep
  3. Bluetooth Wireless Sync - automatically syncs sleep data

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