Fitbit Classic

Fitbit wireless activity and sleep tracker – now called Fitbit Classic – was launched in September 2008. The diminutive device instantly captured the imagination and founded a new market segment commonly referred to as “activity tracking devices”.

Fitbit Classic

Fitbit Classic: the original activity tracking device that defined a new market segment.

Since discontinued (late 2012), but still available via some online retailers, the Fitbit Classic introduced functionality now common in competitor products.

On device LED display, clip-on form factor, wireless sync, weeks long battery, web and mobile apps, step count, distance travelled, activity intensity, calories burnt, and sleep tracking with the bundled wrist band, the Fitbit Classic innovated in a sleek form factor.

Fitbit Sleep Tracking Wristband

Fitbit combined activity and sleep tracking into a single device, using a supplied wrist band

Criticized for being a ‘glorified pedometer’, the Fitbit Classic stood out because of its ability to sync to the web and have the same data available on mobile. Some rudimentary social features, since beefed up, introduced gaming elements and made the device truly connected.


Device Facts

Tracks: Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Sleep Hours, Sleep Quality

Company: Fitbit (Twitter and Facebook)

Release: September 2008

Website: Discontinued (archived site)

Launch Price: $99 USD

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Clip

Sync: Wireless USB Dongle

Display: OLED

Color Variations: Teal

API: Fitbit API

Third-party Connectivity: Fitbit compatible apps

Buy It: Amazon


Key Features

  1. Calorie Burn - Fitbit wireless activity and sleep tracker calculates calorie burn based on activity throughout the day
  2. Wireless Sync - Plug in the supplied USB base station into a computer and the Fitbit Classic syncs wireless when you’re nearby
  3. On-device Display - Check progress at a glance (the flower icon grows the more active you are – elegant touch)
  4. Clip - Love it (easy to clip on a shirt or belt) or hate it (easy for the Fitbit to fall off without you noticing)
  5. Web and Mobile - Comprehensive analytics on the web, along with food logging and social functionality, mirrored on a slick mobile app


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