Fitbit One

The Fitbit One is the first wireless activity tracking device to sync using Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart technology, allowing direct sync with Apple devices such as the iPhone 4S+, iPad 3rd gen+ and iPod touch. 

Fitbit One

Fitbit One: first activity tracker to use Bluetooth 4.0 or Smart to sync wirelessly with compatible smartphones

The Fitbit One improves the form factor of the Ultra while retaining the same tracking functionality. Crucially, it adds Bluetooth syncing – thereby eliminating the need to be in 15ft range of the wireless sync hub connected to a computer.

The tracking hardware itself is now a removable module that can be inserted into different clips.

Bluetooth 4.0 and Smart syncing allows you to sync in the background with the Fitbit smartphone app for iPhone or Android. You no longer have to wait to get home to sync with the wireless hub connected to your computer. You can now instantly see your progress, charts and metrics via an automatic sync with your phone as you go about your day.

Device Facts

Tracks: Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Sleep Hours, Sleep Quality, Stairs Climbed

Company: Fitbit (Twitter and Facebook)

Release: September 2012

Website: Fitbit One

Launch Price: $99.95 USD

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Clip

Alarm: Silent Vibration

Display: OLED

Sync: Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Smart, Wireless USB Dongle

Color Variations: Black, Burgundy

API: Fitbit API

Third-party Connectivity: Fitbit One compatible apps

Buy It: Amazon

Key Features

  1. Bluetooth Sync - no need to connect to a computer via USB or even be near your computer’s Fitbit sync hub. Turn on a compatible smartphone app and the data syncs wirelessly in the background between the Fitbit One and the phone

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