BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband

The BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband launched in 2010 and syncs activity and sleep data via Bluetooth, along with optional paid subscription access to BodyMedia Online Activity Manager website.

Body Media Wireless LINK Armband

BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband: activity and sleep tracker with Bluetooth sync to website and mobile app

One of the founders of activity tracking market (founded in 1999), BodyMedia has long used body tracking technology to help people with health and weight loss.

Its devices launched in 2001, including the SenseWear and BodyBugg branded products. It has since re-branded devices (GoWear Fit became the BodyMedia FIT) multiple times and also white-labeled its products, like the dotFit Exerspy and Ki Performance.

The BodyMedia FIT LINK is a Bluetooth (class 2) device that manually syncs with compatible apps, like the Withings Health Mate app and BodyMedia Fit app, along with a host of 3rd party apps. It can also sync via USB to Windows and Mac using BodyMedia SYNC desktop software.

The device tracks activity intensity, steps and calories burned, as well as sleep hours.

Its worn on the arm (using an adjustable armband strap) and comes with optional various fashion skins (and personalized customization skin options)so you can customize it – given it’s so visible on the body, if you’re wearing short sleeved clothing.

You can sync the device with an optional subscription service called BodyMedia Activity Manager, a portal that gives you deep insights and analytics into the data (activity and sleep) generated by the device, and provides additional logging tools for food and nutrition.

BodyMedia owns 70+ patents (BodyMedia patents) behind its scientific technology which collects 5,000 data points about you every minute – using sensors monitoring galvanic skin response, heat flux, skin temperature, and accelerometer for motion.

BodyMedia FIT

BodyMedia Fit: technology tracks skin temperature, heat flux, motion, and galvanic skin response


Device Facts

Tracks: Activity Intensity, Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature, Reflux, Steps, Calories Burned, Sleep Hours

Company: BodyMedia website (Facebook and Twitter)

Release: November 2010

Website: BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband

Launch Price: $149.99 USD (Armband) + $83.40 USD (optional 1 Year Online Activity Manager i.e. $6.95 USD p/month) + $5.95 (optional skins)

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Armband

Alarm: N/A

Display: None

Waterproof: No (Water resistant)

Sync: USB

Color Variations: Gray (multiple and design your own skin options)

API: Yes

Third-party Connectivity: BodyMedia FIT LINK compatible apps

Buy It: Amazon

Key Features

  1. Skin & Temperature Monitor - sweat and heat amongst thousands of data points collected about you every minute to inform your activity intensity and calorie expenditure
  2. Personalized Skins - if you’re fashion conscious, you can customize skins to suit your look
  3. Third-party Apps and Services - due to the length of time its been on the market, BodyMedia has integrated with dozens of partners and apps creating a fairly rich ecosystem for its data; in other words, you’re not just limited to the BodyMedia Online Activity Manager

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  1. It’s good, but I’m not convinced I like it any more than FitBit. The thing I like most about Fitbit is the batrety. On Fuel, I’m only getting about 2-3 days. On FitBit, I can far far longer (7-10 days typically at least). In may mind, that’s more important than the wireless upload, since realistically if I’m plugging it in to charge it, I might as well just plug it in to sync data too.

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