BodyMedia VUE Patch

The BodyMedia VUE Patch is the world’s first disposable wearable monitoring device that tracks calorie burn, activity levels and sleep patterns over a 5-7 day period.

BodyMedia VUE Patch

BodyMedia VUE Patch: disposable activity and sleep tracker

Developed in collaboration with Vancive Medical Technologies (an Avery Dennison business), the BodyMedia VUE Patch is a low-cost solution that captures a snapshot of an individual’s lifestyle habits.

Its main aim is to develop behavioral modification recommendations for health, wellness and fitness.

It’s smaller than your palm and is designed to be worn on the upper arm. Waterproof, you can wear it in the shower.

You can also sleep with it, since it’ll track your sleep hours and quality.

The data gathered by the device will:

  • Support weight loss plans
  • Screen employees for corporate wellness programs
  • Adjust sports and fitness training
  • Assist healthcare practitioners in patient evaluation

According to BodyMedia, it’ll adhere to your arm for 7 days without you even noticing it – even while showering or exercising.

Using new adhesive chemistries and production technologies, the BodyMedia VUE Patch has a depth of less than 5mm for inconspicuous wear under a shirt or sweater.

The BodyMedia VUE Patch has embedded sensors which combine with proprietary algorithms to analyze the collected data – developed by BodyMedia’s decade’s worth of experience in delivering innovative activity and tracking armbands.

The accuracy of BodyMedia’s armbands have been clinically proven with multiple research studies. The BodyMedia VUE aims to bring this scientific accuracy in a small form factor and at the fraction of the cost of the flagship BodyMedia armbands (like the BodyMedia FIT LINK), opening up uses cases and applications for activity tracking devices.

The first iteration will sync via a USB port embedded in the device, but later versions will feature Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) for automatic background syncing with compatible iPhone and Android mobile phones.


Device Facts

Tracks: Activity Intensity, Calories Burned, Sleep Hours

Company: BodyMedia website (Facebook and Twitter)

Release: August 2013

Website: BodyMedia VUE Patch

Launch Price: TBD

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Armband (Disposable)

Alarm: N/A

Display: None

Waterproof: No

Sync: USB

Color Variations: White

API: Yes (Twitter)

Third-party Connectivity: BodyMedia VUE Patch compatible apps

Buy It: TBD


Key Features

  1. Disposable – world first, monitors activity and sleep for 5-7 days; sync it and throw it away, provides snapshot of health, activity and sleep
  2. Waterproof – wear it in the shower or while exercising (sweat)
  3. Embedded USB - just plug it in, sync and dispose

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  1. Sorry.Here’s my two cents in the meantime.Favs:Fitbit, Jawbone Up, FuelOverall fviroate:FitbitI found the other two units (Bodymedia and Slimcoach) a pain in the butt from a user interface and battery life standpoint. The Fitbit/Jawbone/Fuel were all very clear on battery (or lasted long enough it didn’t matter). And all easy to upload with clean’ software suites that didn’t look like something out of the 1990 s.I prefer the FitBit overall though, because it’s out of sight great for the workplace. The only issue I have with it is it can be easy to fall off your belt and into the toilet. Just something to be aware of.The Motoactv is a great choice overall as a step-counter, but I prefer a bit slimmer watch day to day. Hope this helps!

  2. I have had my new BodyMedia BW for several days now. Unfortunately, I tried to pre-order it on Amazon but was one of many who were told it would take 1-3 weeks to ship on the reelase date. Bummer. I ended up ordering it directly from BodyMedia instead. I am a Mac user and initially needed to download one driver for the unit from the BM site and then Java to get the Activity Manager to work from Safari. None of these items will work with Firefox, but not a big deal. Overall, a very easy set-up that only took 10 minutes even with the downloads.I find that wearing the unit is very comfortable so far for the entire day and while sleeping. I remove it to sync and shower. It is also comfortable under clothes.Syncing with my iPhone is relatively easy. Just one push on the unit while the app is open and my phone and the most recent calorie/step count/activity data will be displayed within the app. One minus though, once your phone times out to conserve battery you lose your Bluetooth connection and must complete the sync again. Not a big deal, but it could be improved. The capabilities of the app are more limited to the on-line AM, but I am hoping in time it will be upgraded.You must use the USB cord to officially download/sync your unit to the Activity Manager (website based). You cannot yet do so with the Bluetooth capability of your computer. Another bummer, but possibly will improve in time. Also, be aware that your food input and calorie information on your phone will not automatically appear on-line within the AM, you must do a hard-line sync with the USB. Another little minus, but again minor. One the plus side, current data from the on-Line AM WILL immediately update into your app.I have seen some comments where people are not happy with the AM food list and search capabilities for tracking calorie intake. I have used Spark People, LiveStrong, and the Lose It! app for iPhone and I am so far generally pleased with the on-line food list (as well as the app). In addition, entering my own food is very easy and the nutritional input area is very user friendly if you are into the details like I am.So far, I am very surprised at how accurate the activity and sleep data is. It is exciting to see the spikes from a vigorous workout, but even walking up a few flights of stairs will show as a quick spike , confirming that you did something more than your baseline. It also reflects long periods of sitting or laying down need to keep those to a minimum The Activity Manager interface is well laid out and shows general numbers and charting. Overall, polished and easy to use.I also wanted to add that the customer service for BM has been satisfactory. This company appears to be trying very hard to make all of us new users (and current users) happy with our devices. There is also a Facebook page where the customer service reps will answer questions and are very responsive to users. This has helped me to learn more about the device and answer more questions. They also list promotions for sales from the BM website and discuss reelases for other retailers where the unit is available.One last downside the price. At the current rate of two-fifty for a unit they are not cheap. Certainly more than I wanted to spend, but for the motivation is worth it for many users struggling to really get a grasp on the calorie-out part of the weight loss/maintenance equation.***UPDATE***I have been using this unit now for about 6 weeks, and I continue to be satisfied. The biggest surprise for me has been that I needed to INCREASE my caloric intake when my weight plateaued for two weeks. I was able to run a detailed report from the data that has been collected over several weeks and it was clear that I had too large of a calorie deficit each day. Show me another weight loss/health product that can do THAT! The reports are a great tool. A recent update to the iPhone app has just been reelased as well which fixes some bugs and adds to the utility of the app’s use.

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