BodyMedia FIT Advantage Armband

The BodyMedia FIT Advantage Armband is a wired version of the BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband.

BodyMedia FIT Advantage

BodyMedia FIT Advantage: Tracker for activity intensity, steps, calories burned and sleep

If you don’t have an Android or iOS mobile phone, then the BodyMedia FIT Advantage is for you – because it lacks the Bluetooth support of its sibling.

You can manually sync via USB to Windows and Mac using BodyMedia SYNC desktop software.

There are a host of data sharing and connectivity options with compatible apps, like the Withings Health Mate app and BodyMedia Fit iPhone app (and Android), as well as hardware (such as the Withings scale), along with a host of 3rd party apps.

The BodyMedia FIT Advantage features activity intensity, steps and calories burned, as well as sleep hours tracking in a single device.

It has an armband form factor with adjustable strap and hundreds of skin customization options (like fashion skins or design-it-yourself skin options).

There’s an (optional) paid subscription BodyMedia Activity Manager service that provides data analytics (activity and sleep) with additional food logging and database.

The BodyMedia FIT Advantage Armband uses sophisticated sensors to monitor galvanic skin responseheat fluxskin temperature, and accelerometer for motion.


Device Facts

Tracks: Activity Intensity, Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature, Reflux, Steps, Calories Burned, Sleep Hours

Company: BodyMedia website (Facebook and Twitter)

Release: November 2010

Website: BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband

Launch Price: $99.99 USD (Armband) + $83.40 USD (optional 1 Year Online Activity Manager i.e. $6.95 USD p/month) + $5.95 (optional skins)

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Armband

Alarm: N/A

Display: None

Waterproof: No (Water resistant)

Sync: Bluetooth, USB

Color Variations: Gray (multiple and design your own skin options)

API: Yes

Third-party Connectivity: BodyMedia FIT Advantage compatible apps

Buy It: Amazon

Key Features

  1. Skin & Temperature Monitor - sweat and heat amongst thousands of data points collected about you every minute to inform your activity intensity and calorie expenditure
  2. Personalized Skins - if you’re fashion conscious, you can customize skins to suit your look
  3. Third-party Apps and Services - due to the length of time its been on the market, BodyMedia has integrated with dozens of partners and apps creating a fairly rich ecosystem for its data; in other words, you’re not just limited to the BodyMedia Online Activity Manager

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  1. I’ve been wearing the new BodyMedia BW anrabmd for about a week now, and although it was a rocky, frustrating set up I’m loving it now. I starting wearing this right after Thanksgiving and I’ve already lost the extra turkey and pumpkin pie pounds I gained thanks to this!Due to some of the other reviews posted, I think some clarifications are in order. First, all the data that is being collected is actually stored on the anrabmd. The only thing the phone does is act as a display of data that’s on the anrabmd (just like how the watch/display works with previous versions, by the way). But it’s able to do a lot more than the old watch display by taking additional information like the food log and give you an up to date snapshot to show if you’re consuming more or less calories than you’re burning. Just like with previous versions, you still have to download the official data to the Bodymedia activity manager on your computer via a USB cable.You do have to press the button on the anrabmd to link it to your phone BEFORE you open up the app. Then when it links, the phone will display your latest steps, calories burned, etc. I do this once or twice during the day to see where I’m at and its super easy to link it each time before. If it were constantly connected (as another reviewer indicated he thought that’s how it should work) it would kill the battery life of both your phone and your anrabmd bluetooth drains battery life. If you are in an exercise session (say, at the gym), you go to the workout section of the app, and the phone and anrabmd stay connected for that entire session so you can get real time data and work out till you’ve reached a threshold of burned calories. Super easy.There’s no doubt the setup instructions need improvement. I’ve seen on other sites that customer service can help, though. As much as I like the convenience of bluetooth it does drain the battery life of the anrabmd. I used to wait two weeks between charging, now I have to charge every 3 or 4 days.But overall I love this version of the anrabmd. It’s a great tool. Should you upgrade from the previous version to the BW version? If you’ve got a supported smart phone and you like being able to check in to see how you’re doing or want real time info when you’re at the gym then yes. If you’re ok with using the watch display combined with the previous version -then stick with it.

  2. I was so excited to reviece the new Bodymedia FIT bluetooth version, however I am really disappointed. I love technology, but this seems to be much less user friendly than previous versions and they have lost some vital functionality. My main issues:1. If you turn the phone off or multi-task to another app, the Bluetooth does not stay connected to the phone. In order to reconnect you have to push the button on your armband. If you could hit refresh in the app and have it reconnect that would be fine, but having to push the button on the armband is very cumbersome.Depending on what I am wearing, I can’t hit the button through my clothes. So Ihave to reach under my shirt (imagine how that looks!) to push a button, which makes a not so quiet beep-beep-beep tone every time I want to check how many calories I have burned.2. I am not a fan of the BodyMedia food interface so I track my food through MyFitness Pal and enter my calories consumed using the daily estimate feature. This feature is not available on the app. In order to enter just the number of calories consumed you have to use the web interface. That means I can’t use the app for food logging.3. The old version that had the display unit showed your current calorie burn rate in calories per minute. There is no way to see this information on the app. I have had issues with my armband showing abnormally high burn rates while driving in the car. I used the display to monitor this, and would take it off or flip over the armband if I saw it happening. There is no way to check your current burn rate during an activity. You have to wait until you sync your armband at home and try to remember what time it was.4. Workouts: Several options for it to alert you when you have completed a work out based on minutes, calories or intensity. This is a nice feature. However once your workout is done it is not tracked anywhere. There is no way to review current or past workouts.I hope BodyMedia does a lot of work to improve the usability. There are so many cool ways to use technology to track fitness/health, and this one just falls flat.

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