BodyMedia CORE 2 Armband

The BodyMedia CORE 2 is a over 40% smaller than the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband and also scraps the micro-USB port – because it’s now Bluetooth Smart enabled.

BodyMedia CORE 2

BodyMedia CORE 2: Bluetooth Smart support for automatic syncing, sleeker and more fashionable

Wireless sync means automatic background syncing with your compatible iPhone or Android device. There’s also a bundled Bluetooth dongle for your computer in case you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled smartphone and you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled computer/laptop.

The demise of the USB port now also means the CORE 2 is essentially waterproof.

The BodyMedia CORE 2 Armband is also ready to accept heart rate monitor readings, when that device becomes available via BodyMedia itself – or via existing compatible heart rate monitors.

The main draw of the device will be the Armband itself, which will this tie be available in more glamorous and fashionable guises, such as this one:

BodyMedia CORE 2

BodyMedia CORE 2: more fashionable armbands, introducing a touch of sparkle especially targeted for the image conscious female

The device otherwise built upon the same patented, scientific technology found in the BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband.

Device Facts

Tracks: Activity Intensity, Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature, Reflux, Steps, Calories Burned, Sleep Hours

Company: BodyMedia website (Facebook and Twitter)

Release: August 2013

Website: BodyMedia CORE 2 Armband

Launch Price: $119.99-39.99 USD (Armband) + $83.40 USD (optional 1 Year Online Activity Manager i.e. $6.95 USD p/month)

App: iOS and Android

Form Factor: Armband

Alarm: N/A

Display: None

Waterproof: No

Sync: USB

Color Variations: Silver (Armband accessory variations)

API: Yes

Third-party Connectivity: BodyMedia CORE 2 compatible apps

Buy It: N/A

Key Features

  1. Skin & Temperature Monitor - sweat and heat amongst thousands of data points collected about you every minute to inform your activity intensity and calorie expenditure
  2. Fashion Armbands - sleeker than its siblings, and more fashion conscious
  3. Third-party Apps and Services - due to the length of time its been on the market, BodyMedia has integrated with dozens of partners and apps creating a fairly rich ecosystem for its data; in other words, you’re not just limited to the BodyMedia Online Activity Manager
  4. Bluetooth Smart Support – automatically syncs with companion apps throughout the day in the background

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  1. Nice reading metarial. If the sony xperia active bike mount becomes a reality, then it might replace both my edge 705 (which has been in repair for 4 out of the last 8 months and was not functioning properly the other four, seriously complicating my bike holidays) as well as my Nokia dumb phone. But I see no mention of it anywhere else. Should it show up on the sportypal site in february?The battery time could probably be fixed by attaching an additional battery on the usb port. These things are very cheap on and could likely be attached to the bike frame using velcro just for the long rides. Would take some of the elegance of my Bianchi though .

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